Fire Extinguisher Servicing, Sales and Hire in North Yorkshire and Surrounding Areas

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Servicing, Sales and Hire of all your Fire Protection needs.......

Our engineer will visit your premises, at a time that suits you and undertake a full service of all your Fire Protection Equipment, be that the Fire Extinguisher Annual Service, or five yearly Test and Recharge.  We will ensure your Extinguishers meet the required British Standards, are situated in the correct place to meet risks, and will perform to a high standard when needed.  Our Fire Extinguisher Engineer is trained to identify risks and provide solutions and equipment to reduce any safety gaps you may have.


We also hire out a range of Fire Extinguishers for any event. Whether it's a local family fun day, a weekend festival or county show, or a longer exhibition or event, we have the equipment to help you stay safe and meet your insurance demands.  We will deliver, and collect, the Extinguishers to your site, or you can collect from us.


Our range of Fire Protection Equipment for Sale and Hire includes:

Foam Fire Extinguishers

Co2 Fire Extinguishers

Dry powder Fire Extinguishers

Wet chemical Fire Extinguishers

Fire Blankets

Safety Signs

Equipment Cabinets, Covers, Trolleys and Stands

Fire extinguisher

Fire safety training

Fire safety training is essential. Everybody in your company should be aware of the fire safety guidelines, and the responsible person, or persons, should know how, and when, to safely operate portable fire extinguishers.  Our consultants can conduct fire safety training at your location, providing you and your colleagues with the knowledge and practical experience required to ensure confidence and understanding, of their role and its expectations. If you want us to provide training for your employees, just get in touch with us to book in a suitable time. Contact us today.

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Our Services include:

Fire Extinguisher Annual Servicing

Fire Extinguisher Sales

Fire Extinguisher Hire

Fire Safety Consultations and Advice

Fire Risk Assessments and Reviews

Fire Protection Equipment - Safety Signs, Fire Blankets, Fire Cabinets, Stands and Accessories

Practical Fire Extinguisher Training

Online Compliance E-learning Courses

Foam, water and powder fire extinguishers

Fire Risk Assessments

Have you carried out a, legally required, Fire Risk Assessment for your business?


Are your premises in a satisfactory condition as regards to fire safety? Are the potential risks being effectively managed, and do you have protection equipment stationed in the correct places?


We provide thorough fire risk assessments, identifying all areas where you can improve as well as any hazards we find - ensuring that the risks to life and property are minimised.


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